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Engineering SQL Support on Apache Pinot at Uber

Tl;dr Uber engineer talks about how his team was able to come up with a system that allows for more efficient data analysis using Pinot and Presto. 

Better GraphQL Error Handling I - Using Custom Directives

Tl;dr Artsy engineer talks about how they were able to use GraphQL directives to overcome ambiguities associated with recoverable error fields. 

Goodbye, Clean Code

Tl;dr Dan Abramov shares his story of how he refactored his coworker’s dirty code only to realize that it was a bad decision. He delves into a couple reasons why. Read more to find out

Powering Pinterest ads analytics with Apache Druid

Tl;dr Pinterest engineering team walks through their journey of transitioning from Apache HBase to Druid in order to power their ad analytics dashboard.

Screenshot Testing our Design System on Android

Tl;dr Go-jek engineer walks through the workflow they set up to maintain pixel-perfect components on Android via Firebase Test Lab and Asphalt, Go-jek’s design language system.

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